Thymeleaf Interactive Tutorial

Exercise 4: internationalization

This exercise introduces concepts from chapter 3 of the Using Thymeleaf manual.

  1. Edit the source code in order internationalize all page texts. You can view the i18n files at the following links:
  2. Use the drop-down list at the top of the generated source box to select the language used at runtime. English, Spanish and French are available.
  3. You can check the proposed solution by pressing the Show solution button () above the code editor.

Welcome to the Thymeleaf Interactive Tutorial. Thymeleaf version used in this tutorial is 2.1.5.RELEASE.

This interactive tutorial has been created by the Thymeleaf Team using The Thymeleaf Template Engine and other great open source tools like:

The tutorial is gracefully hosted at the Heroku Cloud Platform

Icons used in this app, except Thymeleaf logo, are created by Mark James

You can get the source code of this tutorial at GitHub.

You can find much more documentation on Thymeleaf at the Thymeleaf website.

For any questions or help, you can use the user forum.

Source code

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Generated source

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