Thymeleaf Interactive Tutorial

Exercise 14: same template fragments

This exercise introduces concepts new in Thymeleaf 2.1. See same-template fragments section of the What's New article.

  1. You can see a div with the id bannerElement at the top of the page. The goal is convert this element into a fragment that will be reused throughout the page.
  2. First, set /images/logo.png as the source for the img logo element.
  3. Now, turn the div element into a fragment by using th:fragment, and include it twice after the Product information section and after the Customer information section. Comments have been set to help you locate these places.
    Please include the fragment using two different ways:
    • Firstly, using its fragment name (standard Thymeleaf-to-Thymeleaf) inclusion mechanism.
    • Secondly, using the DOM selector expression //div[@id='bannerElement'].
  4. You can check the proposed solution by pressing the Show solution button () above the code editor.

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